Charles Towle Presents at The Battery in San Francisco: Global Capitalist Economy and AAPI Contemplative Traditions

Managing Partner of global private financial group US Capital Global speaks at AAPI heritage month event hosted by members-only club The Battery in San Francisco.

SAN FRANCISCO, JULY 2021 – US Capital Global’s Managing Partner, Charles Towle, was recently invited to speak at a virtual event hosted by the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Society at The Battery. The event, which was titled “Intersecting Worldviews: Global Capital Economy and AAPI Contemplative Traditions,” brought together a potent confluence of voices to discuss how the intersecting worldviews of AAPI contemplative traditions are impacting and transforming the global marketplace.

The Battery is a members-only club in San Francisco created for forward-thinking minds from a wide range of industries. The Battery’s various societies and educational events seek to spark conversations that explore cultural intersections, generate new perspectives, and inspire bright minds with big ideas.

Headquartered in San Francisco, US Capital Global is a full-service private financial group with an established track record in investment banking, asset management, investment management, and capital formation services. The firm provides sophisticated debt, equity, and investment products to lower middle market companies and investors, using the latest FinTech and RegTech innovation.

“It was an honor to speak alongside Jessica Kung Dreyfus, Karin H. Bauer, and Zesho Susan O’Connell on some very significant and timely topics,” said Charles Towle, a member of The Battery and a lifelong student of India’s bhakti-yoga tradition. “A close examination of Asia’s interconnected wisdom traditions allows us not only to better understand the foundations and drivers of capitalism, but also to adopt a more enlightened path for the future of our global economy. The world’s most successful bankers are no longer thinking only in narrow terms of ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘mine.’ They are adopting a broader, multi-generational outlook and working towards creating a more sustainable and equitable economy that serves all stakeholders, not only a select few.

“In addressing the global challenges we are now facing, especially widening inequalities, we can look to the world’s wisdom traditions for inspiration and for new approaches and paradigms. It was a real pleasure to speak with and learn from my fellow panel members at The Battery’s AAPI Society.”

Since joining US Capital Global in 2006, Towle has helped transform the group into a global FinTech leader in debt and equity financing and capital formation services for the lower middle market. Championing a values-driven approach in investment banking, Towle has helped build the group’s strong focus on sustainable, impact, and ESG investing. Towle is dedicated to the Eastern aspiration of selfless service (seva) and takes a special interest in supporting the education, development, and wellbeing of children from vulnerable communities in the United States and abroad, especially in India.

About US Capital Global

Established in 1998, US Capital Global leverages the latest FinTech and RegTech innovation to provide sophisticated debt, equity, and investment products to lower middle market companies and investors. The US Capital Global group manages direct investment funds and provides wealth management and capital raise services through its affiliates, including US Capital Global Investment Management LLC, US Capital Global Wealth Management LLC, and its FINRA-registered broker-dealer, US Capital Global Securities LLC. The group collaborates closely with its peers in professional banking and investment advisory.

To learn more about US Capital Global, email Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at or call +1 415-889-1010.      PR 07-20-2021-IW-VG

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