US Capital Global Increases Back-to-School Support in Post-Lockdown India

Global private financial group sponsors back-to-school supplies and free meals for vulnerable children in India.

SAN FRANCISCO, MARCH 2021 – Research shows that children from vulnerable communities worldwide have faced greater struggles in accessing education since the onset of Covid-19, with a total of 320 million learners in India being adversely affected. As schools in both the US and India begin to reopen their doors after many months of lockdown, US Capital Global is stepping up to support and prepare some of India’s most disadvantaged students in their return to school.

Since its founding in 1998, US Capital Global has been a dedicated supporter of philanthropic causes and social impact projects in the United States and abroad, especially smaller educational projects for children faced with difficult circumstances. Educational projects that the group supports include the Golden Avatar School in West Bengal, the New Braj School in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, and Sandipani Muni School for girls and other primary and secondary schools in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Some schools, such as Sandipani Muni School, place a strong emphasis on keeping girls in education to reduce child marriages, which is often seen as a quick-fix to the economic pressures in many of India’s impoverished communities. However, the mass-hunger, loss of livelihood, and closure of schools caused by the Covid-19 lockdown has significantly increased the risk of child marriages among girls too young to be mothers.

To address this, organizations such as Save the Children are pushing for bottom-up initiatives centered around communities to help children get back to school. Through its philanthropic organization, Braj Bhumi Group, US Capital Global is working with grassroots organizations across India to provide free school supplies and daily meals in an effort to support vulnerable students returning to school.

“Part of successful, sustainable business is understanding our responsibility of service to others,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Global. “We take a special interest in supporting the education, development, and wellbeing of our future generations, both locally and globally. As such, we have increased our contribution to projects that facilitate the return to education in the aftermath of the lockdown in India. This has included providing thousands of children with new school supplies, which are often unaffordable for many rural families, as well as daily nutritious meals. We’re not only feeding the students, but their families too, because the return to education as schools finally open up depends upon the wellbeing of the whole family and community.”

“Over the past few decades, US Capital Global has sponsored and contributed to many social impact projects in the Uttar Pradesh region of India,” said Charles Towle, Managing Partner at US Capital Global, “but this year we’re expanding our reach to serve schools and communities in the Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha as well. Our representative, Jorge Cuadros, who works in our Finance Department, has travelled to Odisha to manage the distribution of large quantities of rice, lentils, sugar, oil, salt, clothes, and blankets to families affected by the Covid-19 fallout. Repairing the damage is going to require mutual co-operation, a community spirit across national and cultural divides, and an ethos of service to others, to grow towards a better future together.”

Through its California-based foundation, Braj Bhumi Group, US Capital Global proudly supports programs that help solve crucial social and environmental issues, both at home and abroad. The foundation works in partnership with innovative, world-class single-family offices, multi-family offices, sovereign and royal families, and their funds, foundations, and portfolio companies.

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