US Capital Global Securities Launches $5 Million Convertible Note Offering for Amprion Inc.


FDA-Breakthrough Company Will Make its Tests for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s the “First-Line” for Diagnosis and Drug Development of Neurodegenerative Diseases.

SAN FRANCISCO, MAY 2022 – US Capital Global Securities LLC, an affiliate of US Capital, is offering eligible investors an investment opportunity of up to $5 million in Amprion, Inc. (“Amprion” or the “Company”).

Amprion is an FDA-designated Breakthrough company with the first and only molecular test for the diagnosis of prion disorders that cause Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases. The Company has an approved lab and highly accurate tests. It is now raising capital to increase awareness of its tests and establish them as the first-line diagnostic used by doctors, patients, and researchers for diagnosing neurodegenerative diseases.

“We believe our technology is a complete game-changer,” said Russ Lebovitz, M.D., Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Amprion. “Instead of waiting for symptoms to arise and then using flawed observational tests, anyone can now be accurately tested for diagnosis of Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia. We believe our technology is a quantum leap forward in addressing these diseases. Our tests also provide the road map for treatments and cures, so we are collaborating closely with leading drug companies to beat these diseases.”

Amprion’s first-of-its-kind technology can detect Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lewy Body Dementia as early as 10 years prior to clinical diagnosis. Amprion’s SYNTap® Biomarker Test has been shown to be highly reproducible and reliable.

“Our tests are the first to answer the critical question of whether a patient actually has the biological markers that are known to cause Parkinson’s or Lewy Body Dementia,” said Claudio Soto, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Amprion. “We answer it early and accurately, which is critical to the more than 50 million people worldwide who are affected by these diseases, and the 18 million cases added each year.”

Amprion partners with leading institutions including the Michael J. Fox Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, and the National Institute for Health, among others.

“Every person in the world who may be at risk for these diseases needs to be aware of our tests,” added Dr. Lebovitz. “We expect to run millions of tests per year that will inform patients, doctors, and researchers about neurodegenerative disorders.”

Charles Towle, CEO at US Capital Global Securities, said: “We are proud to be supporting Amprion in developing and bringing to market these innovative and widely beneficial medical advancements. This breakthrough company is emerging at a time when we are seeing a significant rise in the diagnostics market, with an estimated market total in 2024 standing at $280 billion and neurodegenerative disorders being the fastest growing segment within that. Furthermore, any approved drug for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s will drive rapid market growth. Amprion holds a broad and deep global IP portfolio related to prion amplification and characterization, and the Company has a projected growth of 90% in the next three years. If you are interested in a leading player in neuroscience, the opportunity to participate in this $5 million convertible promissory note offering is now open to eligible investors.”

About Amprion Inc.

A leader in Prion Detection Science™, Amprion innovates biomarker testing for brain diseases. The Company’s SYNTap® Biomarker Test helps doctors diagnose the Lewy Body Variant of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and Lewy Body Dementia. Awarded FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for its detection technology, Amprion strives to accelerate precision medicine for neurodegenerative diseases through molecular testing.

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