Emerging Neobanking Solutions: US Capital Global Partners with Zyng Corp. on Capital Formation Strategy

Zyng Corp.

US Capital Global engaged as financial advisor to a Canadian fintech company specializing in ATM and kiosk software development and integration, alongside neobanking solutions.

SAN FRANCISCO, APRIL 2024 – US Capital Global is pleased to announce that Zyng Corp. (“Zyng”), a Canadian fintech company developing and integrating ATM smart kiosk software as well as neobanking software for a pre-paid card platform, has engaged the group as its strategic financial advisor for a potential $10 million financing initiative consisting of debt and equity. The engagement marks an important milestone for Zyng as it seeks to expand its operations and capitalize on emerging opportunities within the ATM, kiosk, and neobanking spaces.

With global headquarters in San Francisco and principal offices in Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami, New York, London, and Dubai, US Capital Global is a full-service global private financial group with an established track record in corporate finance, asset management, and capital formation services. All private placements, securities, and other related services are offered by the group’s FINRA-member, SEC-registered broker-dealer affiliate, US Capital Global Securities LLC.

“We are thrilled to enter into this engagement agreement with US Capital Global,” said Darrell Osadchuk, CEO at Zyng Corp. “This collaboration represents a significant milestone for our company, enabling us to access specialized financial expertise and resources that will fuel our growth trajectory. The strategic alignment between our organizations is a testament to our shared vision and commitment to driving innovation and success within the always evolving ATM, kiosk, and neobanking space.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Zyng and support their ambitious growth plans,” said Colleen Gray, Senior Vice President at US Capital Global. “Our team is committed to providing Zyng with strategic advice to help them achieve their business goals. This partnership underscores our dedication to fostering the success of dynamic enterprises within the fintech space.”

About Zyng Corp.

Zyng Corp. (“Zyng”) is a private Canadian fintech company investing in the development of financial kiosk software since 2018. Zyng has expanded its operating portfolio to include ownership of 100% of Zyng Technologies LLC (formerly ATS Check Express LLC) through its subsidiary Fedilus USA LLC. Zyng Technologies has developed software for Burroughs, Genmega, and other kiosks for ATM, Cheque Cashing, Bill Pay, Players Advance, and Bitcoin with money transfer and pre-paid cards in development. Zyng operates under the Zyng Technologies and Zyng ATM brands and is continuing to expand through organic growth, as well as by purchasing third-party operators and licensing software to independent ATM deployers. Learn more at www.zyngcorp.com.

About US Capital Global

Founded in 1998, US Capital Global offers a range of advanced financial solutions, including debt, equity, and investment products customized for middle-market enterprises and investors. The firm oversees direct investment funds while delivering comprehensive wealth management and investment banking services, encompassing M&A strategies and capital raising expertise. Among the notable entities within the consortium are US Capital Global Investment Management LLC, US Capital Global Wealth Management LLC, and US Capital Global Securities LLC, an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA. To learn more, visit www.uscapital.com.

To learn more about US Capital Global or this engagement, email Colleen Gray, Senior Vice President, at cgray@uscapital.com or call +1 650-210-6379.

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