Prosperity in General and in the New Year:
A Message from Jeffrey Sweeney, Founder of US Capital Global

As we step into another year, 2024, I find myself contemplating what motivates me to continue to lead our partners forward into the new year and beyond. I acknowledge my mentors for helping me identify and expand upon the drivers that keep me inspired.

This brings to mind the importance of mentors and how I continue to honor their memories for all the selfless help they have given me over many years. I always keep in mind their kind assistance and attempt to follow their example with my partners, clients, investors, and even my children as best as I can. My mentors have helped me refine a service attitude in my relationships through mentoring and through our charity, Braj Bhumi Group, with financial and moral support for those doing the service. My own and my partners’ commitment to fostering growth and prosperity remains unwavering.

US Capital Global has been privileged to advise and support brilliant business entrepreneurs and investors by the hundreds over our 25 years since our founding. The inspiration behind our mission is to spread abundance and growth for businesses and individuals.

Whether supporting outstanding businesses, empowering our dedicated employees, or contributing to school projects in India, our goal is to create opportunities for prosperity, both emotionally and materially. The inspiration behind our mission stems from the same leadership shown by my mentors.

Reflecting on our past, I’ve witnessed numerous success stories—from financing and advising thriving companies to nurturing promising employees who have risen to influential positions within our global group. We believe in creating an environment where people can thrive, just as we’ve seen in our charitable initiatives, such as providing free education and meals in Braj, India.

Our approach is rooted in a genuine commitment to doing good, embracing a “win-win” philosophy. We value tangible outcomes and impact measurements, driven not by optics but by a sincere pursuit of happiness in making a positive difference.

As we express gratitude to our clients, investors, partners, employees, and their families, I extend my heartfelt support for a prosperous journey ahead. Together, let’s make 2024 a year of shared success.

Happy New Year!

Warm regards,
Jeffrey Sweeney
Chairman and CEO, US Capital Global

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