US Capital Global’s Strategy in the GCC Region: A Conversation with Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Sweeney

In the ever-evolving landscape of global finance, US Capital Global stands out for its commitment to providing a regulated, institutional approach to the global middle market. Led by Jeffrey Sweeney, its Chairman and CEO, this global, full-service private financial group has expanded its horizons to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. In this exclusive interview, Mr. Sweeney shares his insights on the group’s strategic plans, the allure of the GCC, and the distinctive value the group brings to the table.

Q: What strategic plans and aspirations for growth do you have for US Capital Global in the GCC region?

Sweeney: We will open regional offices led by autonomous professionals who understand the intricacies of the GCC and international market. Our San Francisco global headquarters won’t dictate strategy here; we believe in local leadership for local markets. Collaboration with regional experts is key, considering the nuances of regional opportunities and business culture. While our primary regional presence is in Dubai, we are keen on establishing satellite offices and referral relationships across GCC member countries.

Q: What is attractive about the GCC region that brought you here?

Sweeney: There is an undeniable, positive, and expanding energy about the region. The GCC’s unique location at the crossroads of three continents has a rich history rooted in trade and commerce. The region’s wealth isn’t minted; it started with trade and now combines that history with wealth from the earth in the form of oil. The GCC is using its natural resources as a catalyst for growth by making substantial investments in infrastructure for cities, transportation, and business, creating a global powerhouse. Its ease of accessibility and business-friendly environment, coupled with cultural vibrancy and optimism, make it a premier destination for business and tourism.

Q: Why did you choose to set up your regional office in Dubai?

Sweeney: A true world-class city, Dubai, often likened to the financial hubs of London and New York in the Middle East, boasts robust trade and corporate activity, especially with Africa. The UAE’s favorable visa requirements and tax framework are attracting more and more global corporations, family offices, and wealth. The Dubai brand, like that of the whole UAE, is on the ascent, thanks to the country’s thriving social and cultural scene, first-class city developments, and world-class sports like golf and the World Cup.

Q: Which products and services will US Capital Global focus on in the GCC region?

Sweeney: Our primary focus in the GCC region will be our most popular financial services products: debt, equity, and M&A. We have senior partners expert in each of these important verticals for the middle market. We design and build a variety of investment products for our clients, including syndicated debt instruments, rated and registered Eurobonds for institutional investors, convertible notes, and preferred or common equity offerings. We can also provide Sharia-compliant Sukuk instruments. I have noticed a significant rise in inquiries for Sharia-compliant products in the region and in the EU. We excel in designing financial products and raising capital for those products globally.

Q: How does US Capital Global differentiate itself from other financial institutions operating in the GCC?

Sweeney: As is our mission, we bring a regulated institutional approach to the middle market, offering large-cap solutions with the ability to create and distribute custom financial products. Unlike many firms that act only as introducers, we have the capacity to build syndicated investment products, raise the capital, and manage diverse collateral across multiple jurisdictions, providing comprehensive solutions.

Q: How is doing business in the GCC different from the US or UK, and how does your approach align with the region?

Sweeney: Business culture nuances vary globally. In the GCC, relationships are paramount, which aligns with our relationship-based ethos. Despite our global presence and size, since we manage assets, we maintain a family office approach that values collaborative business transactions. This approach resonates well with the GCC region.

Q: What challenges do you face doing business in the GCC, and how do you overcome them?

Sweeney: Time zone differences between the GCC and the US can be challenging with the eleven-hour gap between Dubai and San Francisco. To address this, we have created a complete team in the GCC, London, and India to provide timely, seamless operations. I am spending about twenty five percent of my time in the region now, driving service and very much enjoying it. Please reach out to meet and have a conversation.

US Capital Global continues to chart a unique course in the financial world, offering customized solutions with a focus on relationships and local expertise, poised to make its mark in the vibrant GCC region. To learn more about US Capital Global and its GCC strategy, email Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at or call +1 415-889-1010.


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