US Capital Global Securities Announces $9.5MM Equity Offering for Dental Solutions Innovator, Mintech-Bio

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Explore an exclusive investment opportunity in Mintech-Bio, the developer of a patented non-invasive, first-of-its-kind technology for re-mineralizing tooth enamel, restoring its properties.

SAN FRANCISCO, JUNE 2024 – US Capital Global Securities LLC, an SEC-registered affiliate of renowned global financial group US Capital Global, is pleased to present eligible investors with a unique investment opportunity to participate in an investment round of up to $9.5 million for Mintech-Bio (“Mintech-Bio” or the “Company”).

Mintech-Bio is a biotech company dedicated to creating innovative dental solutions. With 14 years of research and $3.2 million in grant investments, the Company has developed a patented compound and process that can recreate tooth enamel, restoring its natural structure and properties. Mintech-Bio is targeting a serviceable obtainable market of $256 million in the US and $3.3 billion globally.

“Dental enamel, the hardest and most mineralized substance in the human body, serves as the first line of defense against cavities and tooth decay,” said Dr. Alvaro Mata, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Mintech-Bio. “However, once lost due to decay, abrasion, or other forms of damage, it cannot naturally regenerate, leading to tooth pain, decay, and oral disease. Mintech-Bio has developed Epinamel, a topical dental gel that activates the body’s re-mineralization process using polypeptides to rebuild and restore enamel and dentin.”

“We believe Mintech-Bio presents a highly attractive investment opportunity in the global dentistry market,” said Charles Towle, CEO of US Capital Global Securities LLC. “Over the next five years, Mintech-Bio plans to develop at least six different professional dentistry products, focusing on two key business units: dentin and enamel protection and regeneration. Eligible investors interested in biotech and the future of dentistry are now invited to learn more about this unique $9.5 million equity offering.”

About Mintech-Bio

Mintech-Bio is a pioneering biotech company dedicated to advancing innovative dental solutions. The Company’s patented enamel remineralization technology offers a quick and convenient experience for patients through a professionally applied dental gel, restoring enamel to its natural state without invasive procedures. This groundbreaking, non-invasive technology serves multiple purposes: it protects healthy enamel, provides non-surgical restorative applications, and regenerates demineralized enamel. For more information, visit

About US Capital Global

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