US Capital Global Securities Is Acting as Placement Agent for $30MM Equity Offering for RYLTI Inc., an Artificial Intelligence and Data Discovery Firm


Opportunity to invest in an issuer that owns a patent-pending Biomimetic AI Platform and Digital Twins technology being used in BioPharma for genomics research, in Renewable Energy to increase efficiency and profitability, and in additional vertical industries is now open to eligible accredited investors.

SAN FRANCISCO, MAY 2024 – US Capital Global Securities LLC (“Placement Agent” or “USCGS”), an SEC-registered affiliate of renowned global financial group US Capital Global, is pleased to present eligible investors with a unique investment opportunity to participate in an investment round of up to $30 million for RYLTI Inc. (“Issuer” or “RYLTI”), a leading developer of cutting-edge AI and data analytics platforms headquartered in Bay Shore, New York.

RYLTI’s patent-pending platform, the RYAILITI Knowledge Engineering (RKE), harnesses the power of proprietary AI technology. This innovative platform and Biomimetic AI Digital Twin Ecosystem is already revolutionizing genomics research in the BioPharma sector, with breakthrough processes that have illustrated potential for improving development time and cost savings for drug discovery and identifying precision therapies in disease research. Additionally, RYLTI is working to drive advancements in renewable energy that improve efficiency and profitability within the sector.

Peter Fiorillo, Co-Founder and CEO of RYLTI, emphasizes the significance of the RKE Biomimetic AI platform in genomic research, stating, “Traditional AI falls short in analyzing dark data and uncovering relationships across disparate, complex datasets. Our RKE platform bridges this gap, enabling groundbreaking discoveries like those achieved in our joint studies with leading molecular diagnostic laboratory Genzeva, QIAGEN Digital Insights, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School. This exciting breakthrough with the use of the first biomimetic digital twin comes at a very exciting time for us, not only in advanced genomic research, but across biopharma and in other sectors.”

RYLTI has already secured substantial contracts across multiple industries, including BioPharma and Renewable Energy, with major ‘Industry Solution’ contracts projected to exceed $30 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in 2024, although no assurances can be given as to how much revenues will ultimately be recognized.

Charles Towle, CEO at US Capital Global Securities LLC, underscored the importance of RYLTI’s expansion, stating, “RYLTI is poised for growth, with plans to utilize this $30 million private placement equity offering to expand operations in key markets such as BioPharma and Renewable Energy. Eligible investors now have a unique opportunity to participate in this $30 million equity offering.”

About RYLTI, Inc.

Established in 2018, RYLTI is at the forefront of AI innovation and the architect behind its revolutionary RYAILITI Knowledge Engineering (RKE) Biomimetic AI Digital Twin Platform. The Issuer innovates solutions for a variety of industries, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, renewable energy, telecommunications, financial services, and technology industries, among other sectors. Life Sciences Review Magazine awarded RYLTI Top Biomimetic AI Platform of 2024 for its biomimetic AI digital twin ecosystem innovation, hailing the technology for opening new doors to discovery and accelerating the innovation process. For more information, visit

About US Capital Global

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